KosherKocktails: A "Shady Green" for Shavuot

By Robin Tim Weis

Enter into most Synagogues on the holiday of Shavuot and you will immediately notice the lush presence of flowers and greenery. This tradition commemorates the sudden blossoming of Mount Sinai with flowers in anticipation of the giving of the Torah.

As you decorate your own home with foliage, why not feast your eyes on a beverage equally green and delicious? This can be made with or without alcohol. 
Shady Green
One knob of ginger
12 oz. unfiltered apple cider
One sugar cube
3­-4 leaves of dino kale (reserve one leaf for the garnish)
Juice of one lemon
Juice of one lime
One shot of vodka (optional)
Muddle the kale, the sugar cube and the ginger in the base of your cocktail shaker.
Adding one shot of apple cider will help the muddling process.
Add the remaining apple cider, lemon and lime juices. 
Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for ten seconds.
Strain into a low ball glass and garnish with a dino kale leaf. Taste and add a shot of
vodka if you want a boozier touch to your Shavuot cocktail!


   Meet FT&V's KosherKocktail Correspondent

As the head bartender of his one-bedroom Logan Circle apartment in Washington, D.C., Robin is a passionate mixologist who is interested in exploring both classic and exotic ingredient compatibilities. Robin’s affinity for cocktails stems from his his passion for cooking and hosting. When not doing either, he is working at the OSTA Washington, the Embassy of Austria’s Office of Science and Technology. 

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