Introducing a Chic, Contemporary Housewares Line from Tel Aviv

Roy Yahalomi and Tal Hadar, the design duo behind the Tel-Aviv-based studio Yahalomi, did not intend to be creators of cool, modern ceramics. Roy is a musician who studied industrial design; Tal is an animator, filmmaker, and design graduate of the prestigious Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. 

Despite their different disciplines, however, their mutual love of ceramics -- and each other -- brought them together to create Yahalomis, a line of spare, pale-colored housewares made in part from indigenous Basalt rock. 

"We like working with natural materials," the couple told Fig Tree & Vine. "Our Basalt rock comes from the north of Israel, and we grind it into powder." The powder is then mixed with clay in studio, which produces a unique material that's light in weight, but "looks substantial and heavy." It also has a soft, organic look which, when paired with ceramic materials, creates highly original pieces not found elsewhere.  

Roy and Tal began working on their joint products in 2010, and opened their Jaffa studio in 2014, near the famous flea market. While the studio is closed to the public, their work is so popular it attracts customers who knock on their door and want to browse.

Fig Tree & Vine customers don't need to go to Jaffa. You can now shop their collection of candle holders, vases, and mezuzahs here.




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