Lisa Borden

Photo by Johnny C.Y. Lam for Fig Tree & Vine.

Lisa Borden, a Toronto-based Jewish mother of 3 was searching for a safe, dripless and eco Shabbat and holiday candle. When she couldn’t find one, she developed it herself. Each 6"-high candle has a safe cotton wick and 4-6 hour burn time.They contain no parafins, lead, artificial fragrance colorants or pesticides. We love that they won’t leave wax all over our candleholders (and love even more they won’t burn down our house!).

Says Lisa,  "When we buy and burn paraffin candles, we are harming ourselves and our world. When we make better choices and buy, for example, organic manuka beeswax candles, we support beekeepers and bees, and we help save our health and our world. Pretty simple.” And simply beautiful. Guaranteed to light up your Shabbat or holiday table ... naturally. 


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