Studio Armadillo

Modernist menorahs and more. A big shout-out to the latest Israeli-based artisans to join the Fig Tree & Vine community: Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk of Studio Armadillo. In their Tel Avi workshop, the two women are producing some of the prettiest, most colorful contemporary Judaica in ceramic and wood -- whimsical and yet clean-lined enough not to lose its cool.

Their pastel mezuzahs make sweet gifts for babies and children; their sleek white menorahs, dreidels and vases are sophisticated presents for friends and family. The more individualistic and creative amongst you might enjoy their "Tangram Menorah" in wood, that can be arranged in whatever pattern you like. The 10 pieces can be configured into plenty of different shapes, from a camel, a cat, a boat, a man or a women, or really any geometric shape. The lighting ceremony will become a joyful and creative challenge. A cool gift for children and the young at heart.

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