Four Cups, Four Opportunities for a Great Wine Tasting

By Yitz Applbaum

The four cups of wine we drink during the Passover Seder is a perfect opportunity to sample different wines, preferably those from Israel. Here is a kosher wine tasting menu I've put together to complement any Seder. 

 THE FIRST CUP: Domaine C Blanc du Castel

You want your first wine to be a robust wine, a wine which will set the stage for the rest of the evening. The foods you eat with the first cup are not necessarily full of flavor. Castel's "C Blanc" with its buttery flavor, its butterscotch overtones and its rich vanilla finish will put you in a great mood for your second cup.

  THE SECOND CUP: Flam Reserve Syrah 2013

Coming off of a very flavorful Chardonnay let's now move to an edgy Syrah. The Flam Syrah packs a powerful punch without being overbearing.  We are now in the middle of the storytelling and what better accompaniament than a spicy, peppery, colorful-looking wine to help get us through this long session...

 THE THIRD CUP: Matar CB Cabernet Sauvignon

Now finally to the meal.  It's time for a wine which will go well with chicken and beef and other delectables at our Seder table.  I love the Matar CB Cabernet Sauvignon.  Extremely subtle.  It will go with the conversation and won't overpower any of the dishes while adding tremendous flavor to the food. If you focus on the wine for a few moments you will love the velvet feeling on your tongue and the great fruit finish.  

 THE FOURTH CUP: Yatir Forest 2012 

Let's be bold for the fourth cup.  We need a second wind and so a big and bold wine is imperative. Also as the Passover story is about getting out of the desert let's drink a wine from the desert.  The YATIR  Forest is a full-bodied, full of tannins wine.  I has a big opening and finishes with a strong black current taste.  Will go very well with chocolate cake and the retrieved afikoman.

Chag Sameach! 

Yitz Applbaum has been an avid wine collector and drinker for many years. Yitz is a co-founder of Teal Lake Cellars and writes a weekly wine column for the Jewish Insider.

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