KosherKocktails: Our Curacao-Based "Coral Splash"


The "Coral Splash." Photo by Robin Tim Weis for FT&V.


By Robin Tim Weis

Not many liquors are able to match Windex in color, however, blue Curacao easily holds up with our staple surface cleaner. While it does not necessarily match the taste of Windex, blue Curacao does get a bad rap, predominantly, for its use in horrendously sweet, suburban­-mom­-on­-cruise cocktails such as the ‘Swimming Pool.’

But don’t fret! Crack open that nascent bottle of blue Curacao because Fig Tree and Vine is bringing a fresh spring twist to your dusty cabinet liquor. FTV’s “Coral Splash” pairs the citrus notes of blue Curacao with fragrant in­-season cantaloupe that adds a silky finish to this night porch cocktail. [To further get into the Curacao spirit, serve this cocktail before our recipe for Fried Red Snapper Caribbean-Style. Read more about the fascinating history of the Jews of Curacao in our travel feature here.]

Per drink:

1.5 oz dry gin (we recommend Bombay Dry Gin)

0.5 oz blue Curacao

0.5 oz simple syrup (1:1 ratio water/sugar)

4­-6 dices cubes of ripe cantaloupe (the riper the better)
0.75 oz squeezed lime juice
3­-4 dashes of ginger lemon bitters (we recommend Hella’s Ginger Bitters)

Place your cantaloupe pieces at the bottom of your cocktail shaker. Fill in the gin and muddle till all the pieces have dissolved, leaving a puddle of booze cantaloupe flesh. 

Add the lime juice, blue Curacao, simple syrup and lemon bitters to the shaker. Fill halfway with ice and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. 

Strain into a lowball glass and garnish with fruit of the season (we used some cantaloupe and lemon). 


   Meet FT&V's New KosherKocktail Correspondent

As the head bartender of his one-bedroom Logan Circle apartment in Washington, D.C., Robin is a passionate mixologist who is interested in exploring both classic and exotic ingredient compatibilities. Robin’s affinity for cocktails stems from his his passion for cooking and hosting. When not doing either, he is working at the OSTA Washington, the Embassy of Austria’s Office of Science and Technology. 

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