KosherKocktails: Toast Portuguese "Zionism" with a Cereja Viajando


By Robin Tim Weis

Some have heralded it as the “Next Stage of Zionism” while others are just happy to see old communities revitalized. Judaism despite facing adversity in Europe, is enjoying a slow comeback in some pockets of Europe, spurred by Portugal of all places.

In January 2015, the Portuguese parliament ratified a bill allowing descendants of exiled Sephardic Jews to apply for citizenship. Unlike other rights of return laws, the Portuguese have embraced a hassle­-free approach to winning back its lost tribes. The law requiring applicants only to “demonstrate a traditional connection to a community with Portuguese Sephardic origins” through signifiers such as “family names” and “family language” as Tablet Magazine reports.  

To welcome the Judeos back to Portugal, Fig Tree & Vine has crafted an exclusive Cereja Viajando (‘Traveling Cherry’) signature cocktail that incorporates a truly Portuguese liqueur; Ginjinha. This ruby red Portuguese liqueur is made by infusing ginja berries (sour cherries) in alcohol, sugar and other spices. The sweetness of Ginjinha is balanced by the cherry moonshine and fresh lime juice in this cocktail that can be enjoyed all year round. We recommend using egg whites for a creamy finish that accentuates the rich fruitiness of this distinctively Portuguese cocktail!


For one serving.

2­ ounces cherry moonshine
0.5 ounces fresh lemon juice
0.5 ounces simple syrup (1:1 Water/Sugar ratio)
0.5 ounces Ginjinha, (US residents can but the liquor here).
One egg­ white
Lemon rind "rose" for garnish


Fill your shaker with ice halfway, pour in the cherry moonshine, the lime juice, the simple syrup and egg­ white. Shake vigorously for ten seconds.

Take a coupe cocktail glass and pour in the Ginjinha. Gently swirl the glass to coat it evenly with the liquor.

Strain your cocktail into the coupe glass and garnish with a lemon rind rose. You can make your own lemon rind rose by taking a medium sized lemon and peeling it all in one go. Take the lengthy rind and roll it up like a rose and pierce it with your bamboo stick.


   Meet FT&V's KosherKocktail Correspondent

As the head bartender of his one-bedroom Logan Circle apartment in Washington, D.C., Robin is a passionate mixologist who is interested in exploring both classic and exotic ingredient compatibilities. Robin’s affinity for cocktails stems from his his passion for cooking and hosting. When not doing either, he is working at the OSTA Washington, the Embassy of Austria’s Office of Science and Technology. 

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