Floral-Inspired Gifts for Shavuot

By Lauren Murray

Some holidays get all the hype—Hanukah, Passover, Shabbat. For these events every family has special decorations, foods, and traditions that they repeat year after year (or in Shabbat's case, week after week). Shavuot is not one of those holidays but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be. Shavuot is a holiday that celebrates greenery. Here at Fig Tree + Vine we love anything that connects us to our roots. Here are our 5 favorite, nature inspired gift and décor items that bring Shavuot into your home and last longer than a bouquet of flowers. 

  1. Flower Mezuzah:

These mezuzahs are the handiwork of artist Paula Newman Pollachek. With a mid-century aesthetic mixed with a fun floral pop these beautiful mezuzahs bring a naturalistic feel to any doorway that they grace. The best part about her pieces is that their simplicity allows them to never go out of style.


  1. Poppies Havdallah Spice Boxes:

Also by Paula Newman Pollachek, these poppy-inspired spice boxes are a favorite because of their multifunctional use. They can be used every Saturday night when you and your loved ones celebrate Havadallah by "picking" the flowers from the stems: the flowers contain the scented spices. They can also be used as a decorative piece in any room in your house. Sophisticated, sleek, and beautiful, place them as a centerpiece on your dining table or as a piece of art on your mantel or book shelf.


  1. Dreidel Vase:

I am always a big fan of anything that has more than one use, which is why I love these adorable Dreidel Bud Vases by Studio Armadillo. They're architecturally modern in style, making suitable for any occasion.  They are a great way to decorate for Hannukah as well. They vases come in sets of three so you can scatter them on your dining table or along a sideboard.  Individually they are beautiful accents for a bedside table or bathroom counter. 

  1. Scented Room Diffuser:

Floral-themed decorations and décor are the obvious way to celebrate Shavuot and the earth, but for me there is no better way to bring the outdoors inside then with these delicious scents from Perfuniqu. These handmixed, organic diffusers from Jerusalm bring the tropical breezes of Israel into your home. Sahar Schwartz, the maker behind Perfuniqu uses oils based on everything from orchids and grapefruits to woods and etrogs to create exotic, transporting scents for your home. 

Don’t let the fun stop at your house! Take your Shavuot celebration to go with these delicate earrings and bracelet made by Ben-Zion David. A master of his craft, David uses traditional Yemenite techniques to create gold flower petals with an opal center in the earrings, and plain or semi-precious stones in the bracelets. The jewelry can be worn with everything from a pair of jeans and white-tee to a little black dress to the next wedding you attend (and of course, for your Shavuot celebrations!).

Want more ideas for how to bring greenery into the home? Check out our easy guide on how to make a floral arrangement for the holidays!

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