Introducing Jewelry by Tel Aviv Designer Orit Ivshin

Step into Orit Ivshin's gallery in the heart of Tel Aviv's historic neighborhood Neve Tzedek: it's petite, elegant, and sparkling like Orit herself, who can be found behind the counter working on her delicate 18k gold, precious- and semi-precious stone pieces. Her jewelry is both subtle and super wearable -- you will find her creations go equally well with jeans and a t-shirt or a little black dress.

It's rare that I walk into a jeweler and get excited by what I see -- it's usually either too formal/ornate/expensive or just plain boring.  What struck me immediately about Orit's pieces is that they were all so pretty, original and wearable. I wanted to try on everything, from the discreet dangly gold necklaces to the little studs flecked with diamonds like icing sugar.

"A jewel in my eyes is actually a garment that comes in touch with the body and creates a sort of dialogue with it," Orit told me, working on new pieces behind the desk in her boutique. "Jewelry of my design is composed of thinking and researching, all in purpose of creating unique and unusual items that integrate into modern fashion trends."

I walked out with the studs -- which I rarely take off, except when I need to go for something more dramatic in the evening. But I returned the next day to select a line of Orit's pieces for FT&V, which you can view here.

Orit works only with 18k matte gold and precious and semi-precious stones, including diamonds sourced from ethical (non-blood) dealers. Because of the matte finish, the pieces exude warmth; there is no shininess to compete with the beauty or naturalism of the jewels. 

The selection I chose -- earrings, rings, and necklaces -- are in a variety of styles, perfect for gifts for bat mitzvah girls or brides or maybe especially just for you.


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