Introducing FT&V's First Passover Collection

By Danielle Crittenden Frum

For Passover, I'm excited to introduce a original line of new Passover products made exclusively for us by our FT&V artisans. Not to sound like a late-night infomercial, but you'll find these Seder plates and linens nowhere else on the planet.  So, for example, let's talk afikomen bags and matzah covers. I've spent a long time seeking alternatives to Aunt Zippy's embroidered silk pillow case and matzah comforter that have adorned Seder tables everywhere since 1952. So has linen maker David Zrihen, founder of Lake House Linens. When I approached him last year about re-inventing the challah cover, he rallied to the challenge -- and the result were these spare hand-trimmed covers in 100% Belgian linen. The "petal" version is a unique innovation of David's. Rather than stash a loaf of challah under a cover, his model elegantly enfolds the loaf in soft petals that are pealed back after the blessing. David adapted these styles to accommodate round challahs over the High Holy Days.  I asked him: Could he similarly re-invent matzah linens?

Of course he could. Within a couple of weeks, David had produced this stunning set  -- an afikomen bag and matzah cover --in contemporary natural and white linen.  As with all his covers, David makes matching napkins (sold separately). The napkins are sized extravagantly, in weighty Belgian linen, so they look and feel luxurious. They will last as long as Aunt Zippy's -- and certainly be as cherished. 


Afikoman and Matzah Covers (not pictured) with matching napkins
by Lake House Linens.

I put a similar challenge to our woodworking artisan, John Ward, of Treeware. John has produced a line of Shabbat and holiday bread boards, candleholders and servers hand hewn from sustainable woods. He'd yet to create a Seder plate. It took him only a few days. His model? This round version crafted from birds eye maple with a set of six contrasting bowls in ash. He offers a matching matzah plate in bird's eye maple. The set  perfectly pairs with the linens -- as well as our editorial theme this year: A Farm-to-Table Passover.

Modern Rustic Seder Plate and Matzah Plate by John Ward of Treeware.

Last preview (for now): Kate Golding is a young British designer who recently launched a line of colorful patterned napkins that I happened to fall in love with. I reached out to her to see if she could come up with a set of fresh, spring Passover linens for Fig Tree & Vine. The result? A limited number of afikomen and matzah sets that include a matching oversized napkin for hand washing. I chose two patterns: a vivid medley of pinot noir grapes and another featuring a gentle explosion of white lilacs. When I say limited, we're talking very limited: as in super small batch. If you think you want a set, order NOW or even reach out to me to If you love them as much as I do, we'll produce more next year.

Passover linen sets by Kate Golding in Pinot Noir (top left, bottom right) and White Lilac (top right, bottom left).

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