Feeling Bitter This 2016 Fourth of July? Try Our Sour Jefferson!



By Robin Tim Weis

Mad at politicians? Angry about your presidential choices? We have a Fourth of July cocktail for you! Down the bitter brew of 2016 with this made-in-D.C., bitter-based concoction that is as delicious as it is conducive to spouting off about the world as you grill. Part of its magic derives from the juice of a charred grapefruit (toss a few on with the hamburgers); the other part derives from the addition of orange-flavored Embitterment, a Washington, D.C.­-based cocktail bitters company that produces high­ quality, handcrafted bitters.  We've named it a "Sour Jefferson" in keeping with the spirit of this election year. 

Sour Jefferson

For each drink:

2 oz Rock Creek Rye *
1 grapefruit
3­-4 sprigs of fresh sage
3­-4 dashes of Embitterment Orange bitters

*(Available in 2017, in keeping with our Washington theme. In the meantime substitute your favorite rye.)



Cut your grapefruit in half and grill it over an open flame until charred. Squeeze both halves of the grapefruit into a mixing glass.

Muddle the fresh sage with the rye in your mixing glass.

Add the bitters and fill your mixing glass with king ice cubes. Stir your drink for at least 30 seconds.

Double­-strain into an old fashioned glass and serve with a charred grapefruit wedge and a sage leaf.

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