Fig Tree & Vine's Political Edition 2016!

By Danielle Crittenden Frum

I've lived in Washington, D.C. for close to a quarter of a century. For most of those years, I worked as a political journalist and editor (alongside my husband, David, who still gamely serves in the trenches). So when I founded Fig Tree & Vine just over a year ago, it was a huge change to plunge myself into entirely non-political passions: food, travel, beautiful objects and decor -- all, of course, under the umbrella of Jewish culture and family life.

The latter is something I've pursued privately over the decades ("Let's have a Tuscan Seder!") until, at the instigation of my friends, I went public with it. I still don't know much about start-ups and running a business, but I do know that waking up every day to Fig Tree & Vine has made me very happy -- and certainly never more happy than during this crazy election year. I've largely been able to mute the awful noises emanating from the TV while dreaming up High Holiday features and Break Fast buffet menus.  And when the noises have gotten louder, I've doubled down on ... festive floral arrangements and experimenting with botanically scented soaps (coming soon!).

This week, however, I can't resist a political theme -- ideally an inspirational one! For our American friends staring down the barrel of election day on November 8, I offer you our collection of Political Action Heroes -- courtesy of Tel-Aviv's Piece of History. Yes they are political leaders for sale. Yes they're politicians who can be "bought" (and right now for 15% off!) But you can't compromise them. Even better, none use email and you can safely introduce them to your friends. Their hands don't move.


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