KosherKocktails: Look Who Won Our "Mazel Tov" Cocktail Contest!

There wasn't much lightness during this past, brutal election campaign -- but for Jews a pretty hilarious one came at the end. On CNN, a Trump supporter slammed rapper JayZ for promoting "Mazel Tov" cocktails in a music video. She of course meant "Molotov Cocktails" -- but a delighted Twitter storm was unleashed. 


Fig Tree & Vine jumped into the fray, and offered a set of our popular "Heroes of the Torah" glasses to the person who could come up with the best recipe for a "Mazel Tov" cocktail. 

Of course some of you took the challenge metaphorically, such as Commentary editor and New York Post columnist John Podhoretz:

Others, presuming a Trump loss, offered bitterness-infused drinks:

Metaphorical mixologist Poly Karr suggested a less politicized, more aptly Jewish version: 

6 ounces sweet, sweet wine
1 father's tear drop from a bnai mitzvah
6 mother's tear drops from wedding to a doctor

Our favorite of the metaphorical was this photo submitted by Don Jakarta, with the note: 

Greetings, That was one confused Trump spokesperson. The recipe is quite simple, as seen in the attached picture. Enjoy. Don PS. No wine bottles were hurt or injured in the making of this photograph, nor was any wine lost. My wife would have killed me. She's been saving the contents for election night!

Don, we added an extra prize of glasses for this one. Congratulations!

And now on to the more "serious" entrants. The winner was judged by our KosherKocktail columnist Robin Tim Weis. Here are the finalist recipes:

Jeff Zeeman

Vodka, crushed ice, fresh blackberry juice, a splash of Manischewitz concord grape wine, served with an everything bagel chip garnish.

Clark Kee:
2 parts Manischewitz, 1 part Slivovitz. Add a pitted date or garnish with an apple slice. 

Andrew Habber (punch bowl recipe):

1 bottle Kedem Wine
8 oz  rum
8 oz gin
6 oz simple syrup
8 cinnamon sticks or cloves
6 dashes orange bitters
6 oranges sliced thinly with peels, Ice

Glen Butler

Manischewitz spritzer in a glass rimmed with horseradish--excuse me, rimmed with maror--garnished with a paper yarmulke. Serve on a square of matzo in lieu of a cocktail napkin.

And from "SewJewish" a "bright and bubbly" cocktail:

3 oz Moscato, 1.5 oz apricot juice, 1 oz orange juice, and a splash of lime.

And the winner is ...Susan Bernstein! Susan's bold medley of Slivovitz plum brandy and chilled vodka is not for the light-hearted, however, her champagne floater (champagne poured on top of the strained drink) adds a nice finish to what is a nice stiff high-ball to be enjoyed especially in times like these.  

Here is her recipe:

1 part Slivovitz plum brandy (my great-grandma Esther's favorite quaff), 1 part chilled vodka. Shake well in ice, then strain into tall glass. Pour a kosher champagne floater on top of liquor mixture. Pitted prune, sliced halfway through, placed on rim of glass as garnish.



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