KosherKocktails: Let's Party Like It's 5777!


By Robin Weiss

As the clock advances towards the year 5777, KosherKocktails looks back at our year of grilled, stirred, shaken, strained, and blended cocktails. For Rosh Hashanah we have decided to team up with two exceptional distillers in their own respective fields. The first delicious concoction is our "Ivy 5777," (above) in collaboration with One Eight Distilling; our second, our "Bohemian Sparkle" champagne cocktail with Silver Slivowitz-maker, Rudolf Jelinek.

I. Ivy 5777

The eclectic small batches and fun trivia (Alexander Laufer, the co-founder of One Eight Distilling is Jewish!) of this Washington, D.C. distillery caught our attention, and One Eight Distilling’s Ivy City Gin did not disappoint. With its forward notes of Juniper and Spicebush, we decided to blend this local gin with Silk Road inspired bitters, and stir up a truly salivating day cocktail for our first Rosh Hashanah feature. Why dip your apples in honey when you can drink them?

Per drink:

1.5oz gin
1.0oz cider or unfiltered apple juice
3 dashes saffron bitters (Recipe)
1-2 dashes orange bitters
Fresh juice of half a lemon
0.5oz simple syrup
Apple slice, honey for garnish

Combine the gin, cider, saffron bitters, orange bitters, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail mixing glass. Fill your mixing glass with ice to the top and stir continuously for 45 seconds. Using a julep strainer, pour your cocktail into a tumbler glass. Garnish with apple slice and a drizzle of honey.


II. Bohemian Sparkle

Picture lush, plum tree plains in the Bohemian countryside, and you might be able to grasp the fruity, yet bold, aromas that await you in our "Bohemian Sparkle" Rosh Hashanah cocktail -- one that combines the sparkling elements of French champagne with the kosher fruity smack of Silver Slivovitz i.e. plum brandy, imported straight out of the Czech Republic. This is a fine champagne cocktail ready to become a Rosh Hashanah tradition!

Per drink:

0.3 oz Silver Slivovitz
2-3 dashes of Lavender bitters (we recommend DC Embitterment )
One sugar cube

Dose one sugar cube with 2-3 dashes of Lavender bitters and place at the bottom of your champagne flute. Pour in the Silver Slivovitz and top off with Champagne. 

Shana Tovah! 


Distiller approved- we love Ivy City Gin with apple cider & the saffron bitters kicks it up a serious notch!

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