SNEAK PREVIEW: FT&V's High Holy Days

By Danielle Frum

To us, BDS stands for Buy Direct and Save. It's an honor to feature so many talented artisans from around the world and especially Israel. This is FT&V's second High Holy Days, and we'll be spending the next week photographing and preparing our editorial coverage. We're also adding new products, including a sleek, modern steel honey dipper by renowned Tel Aviv designer Laura Cowan. We're taking many of the new Israeli fusion dishes I've been writing about to create a delicious Rosh Hashanah or Break Fast buffet. (Bonus: No bagels and lox for once!) (Not that we don't like bagels and lox.) (But really? Every year?)

Looking for a hostess/host gift? We'll also be rolling out exclusive gift boxes of honey-scented body products, as well as gourmet halva and tahina packages, all beautifully done by talented Israelis based in the U.S., and meeting our high artisanal standards.  

One of the new products I'm most excited about -- completely exclusive to us -- are sets of stunning fabric panels that fit standard North American kit sukkahs. 

I've long wondered why we need to stick with the dismal trappings of the kit sukkah. The metal structure itself is sturdy, comes in several sizes, and is easy to assemble. But why continue with the homely canvas cover offered alongside? Many families I know improvise prettier coverings by draping their sukkahs with their own choice of fabrics; in the past I've hung mine with simply ivory-colored outdoor curtains.

In collaboration with the cool, Tel-Aviv-based Mandala Life Art collection -- whose colorful, distinctive round towels we carry -- we have created two absolutely drop-dead chic sukkah fabric sets that fit all standard-sizes of kit sukkahs. We can also custom-size a set for you with two to three weeks notice. (Contact us at

The sets -- made of 100% best-quality cotton -- meet all halakha standards, are luxuriously two-sided, and slide quickly on to a kit sukkah -- making set-up easy and quick, leaving time for the fun decorating. More patterns are in the works. Here's a peek at what arrived in my office earlier this week:


So please keep checking in with us for new products every week and more as we approach the High Holy Days! Please enjoy the balance of your summer while we get busy here at FT&V! 

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