Jerusalem Stone Rectangular Mezuzah Clearance

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Sharon Sadan is a Moroccan-born artist who is based in South Jerusalem. She works with natural stone and gemstones, and is one of the artisans represented by The Fifth Quarter in the Old City. We fell in love with Sharon's simple mezuzahs carved from native Jerusalem stone. They exude the spirit of their surroundings. The rough surface of this mezuzah is resonant of raw stone walls; it's like fastening a piece of the old Jewish Quarter to your doorway. As Sharon says of her creations, "I strive to make each and every piece echo the landscape that inspired it. My Judaica collection is rooted in my love foe the Jerusalem mountains, the color and natural texture of the stone."

Sharon's "Rectangle" mezuzah is 7-inches long x 1.75 inches wide.  Stone shades and veining may vary slightly from mezuzah to mezuzah, as they are all handmade items. Mezuzah scroll sold separately

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