Amy Reichert

Photo by Michele Litvin.

Fig Tree & Vine is honored to offer a collection of Judaica by acclaimed architect and designer Amy Reichert. Reichert is an award winning architect, exhibition designer, and designer of Judaica. Since 1996, when she won second place in the Philip and Sylvia Spertus Judaica Prize for her seder plate, she has participated in invited juried exhibitions in museums around the world. Her work can be seen on display at The Jewish Museum, NY, The Jewish Museum, Vienna, The Yale University Art Gallery, and The San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum. She received her B.A. and M.Arch from Yale University, and combines her studio work with teaching at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.
When designing a new piece, Amy says she first examines how the object is traditionally used -- and pushes forward from there. She will modernize, but always with deference to the Talmudic rules governing design of religious objects.
"In some ways I'm approaching the objects as an industrial designer," Amy observed. "What do these things need to do for us? If I were designing a toothbrush, for example, I would start by knowing the top has to be ard, the brush soft. The Talmudic text offers what might seem at first like constraining rules -- what size, what materials these things need to be. Everything from a Kiddush cup to a sukkah has these strong dimensions and methods of construction. But these constraints speak to me as an architect. I enjoy the contraints. It's a challenge. I couldn't do anything with a blank canvas."

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