John Ward

Photo by Johnny C.Y. Lam for Fig Tree & Vine.

We love Canadian-based woodworker John Ward's shapely candle holders on our Shabbat table. So we asked him, Could he come up with a challah board that matched in style and beauty? Yep, turns out he could -- right down to the matching salt spoon and smooth round salt cellar, that rests on its own inset dimple. It pairs beautifully, too, with David Zrihen's Lake House Linen challah covers and napkin sets. Inspired, we asked John to create a holiday collection: For Rosh Hashanah he created a round board that doubles as a large apple and honey serving platter, as well as a smaller board with honey bowl and dipper, both in his custom "Modern Rustic" style. For Passover, he's created a distinctive Seder plate. 

All of the products John hand makes under his Treeware brand are from locally sourced reclaimed urban wood to a wide range of sustainably harvested exotics. John says, “I strive to match material to the form and produce something that lives up to the potential of each individual piece of wood.”


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