Papercuts By Oren

Oren Loloi knew he wanted to be an artist ever since he was a child. He became interested in papercutting because he didn't want to work with hazardous toxins and chemical pigments. He began experimenting with paper projects -- gradually learning about the art's rich tradition and its links to Jewish heritage.  

When he and his wife began to plan their wedding, they decided that the standard ketubah their rabbi offered was not special enough. He crafted his first, exquisite papercut ketubah for his wife, and Papercuts by Oren was born. 

Oren says, "The best part about being a ketubah artist is that it allows me to create something for the happiest day of a couple's life. It’s rewarding and worthwhile, and it’s something I do with great honor and pride. Every design I create is imbued with a sense of purpose and the joy I take in creating it.”

Oren begins all his ketubah designs with lots of tiny sketches in dozens of books he keeps on hand. Once he settles on a design, he refines it and then uploads it to a computer. There he cleans up the lines, fixes the symmetry and adjusts the typesetting. The design is then transferred to paper, and the careful, laborious work of handcutting the ketubah with a Japanese NT knife takes place. 


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