Paula Newman Pollachek

Paula Newman Pollachek's inspired, naturalistic Judaica pieces appear in the permanent collections of the Judisches Museum Berlin, and the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life in Berkeley, California. She's been featured in exhibitions around the world, from the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco to the Spertus Museum in Chicago.  

We first came across her work at the Jewish Museum in New York, and was immediately entranced by the beauty and originality of her pieces, especially her mezuzahs and spice containers for Havdallah. All are crafted in sterling silver and other precious metals.  

Paula tells Fig Tree & Vine: "I’ve carried with me the credo ‘Anything is possible’ that my parents imbued in my upbringing, my whole life. Being a working silversmith and creating beautiful Judaica for use in homes is that credo in action. I feel incredibly lucky to do what I love for a living.  

"Judaica fills a poignant spot for me. It’s a special object that is cared for, displayed and used. Creating objects that are both beautiful and useful is paramount for me. Although I am not a religious person, I am captivated by a shared history and tradition that brings Jews from all over the world together. I love learning fascinating things about my own history and tradition. In that research I have found that nature is very much a part of historical Jewish ritual. It’s incredibly satisfying to combine my passions for nature and my own history. I’m constantly challenged by how to actually make the pieces technically and spiritually come alive."

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