Krakow Mezuzah

$ 260.00

Artisans Aleksander Prugar and Helena Czernek, of Mi Polin, travel across Poland to find traces of mezuzahs from the pre-war homes of the country's millions of vanished Jews. They then cast these traces in bronze, with the address of the trace engraved on the side of the mezuzah. Behind each cast mezuzah is a slot for inserting a scroll. When you affix the mezuzah to your doorframe, you fill the emptiness and give it a second life. Touching the mezuzah activates a link between past and present. 

This trace is taken from Mostowa 8/18, 19 in Krakow. Mi Polin has no knowledge about this building but research is in progress. Size: 6-inches long, cast bronze. Handwritten scroll from Jerusalem sold separately. 

Currently Fig Tree & Vine carries Mi Polin's mezuzahs from Krakow and Warsaw. Relatives from somewhere else? For queries about mezuzahs from different towns or cities, please contact, and we'll let you know if Mi Polin has a mezuzah from your special place.

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